Patrimoine Range

A common philosophy for 3 funds of reference

Maximum exposure of 50% to equity risk

Reflecting the managers long term convictions and our thorough analysis of the economic environment, the exposure to equity risk aims at boosting or protecting the portfolio, depending on market developments.

The efficiency of a flexible and diversified management

Known for its courage and independence with more than 23 years of expertise, the Fund management team continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of an active and non-benchmarked management.

An opportunist bond management

Expressing the Fund managersanticipations towards the interest rate movements, the modified duration of the portfolio (from -4 to +10) is intended to limit interest rate variations and capture opportunities.

A double expertise, the very core of Carmignac’s management

A combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis dedicated to the search for growth.

Investment decisions result from the meeting of a global macro-economic vision (top-down) and a rigorous analysis process associated with a selection of equities and bonds (bottom-up). The synergy created within the management team through daily exchanges between fund managers and analysts allows to identify and seize the best investment opportunities.

Why invest?


A renowned management for over 23 years benefitting a unique synergy of bond and equity managers.


3 performance drivers (equities, bonds, currencies) to capture the investment opportunities of the most promising markets.


An active allocation management to adapt and generate performance in all market conditions.

Three complementary Funds

Emerging Patrimoine
Euro Patrimoine
Universe A global diversified fund A diversified emerging markets fund European diversified fund
Active management

Carmignac Patrimoine is a diversified fund that uses three performance drivers: international bonds, international equities and currencies. To respect its objective focusing on capital protection, we permanently invest at least 50% of its assets in fixed income and money market instruments. Its flexible allocation aims to minimise the risk of capital fluctuation by seeking the best sources of return.

Carmignac Emerging Patrimoine is a diversified fund invested in emerging markets using 3 performance drivers: bonds, equities and currencies. A minimum of 50% of the fund assets is permanently invested in fixed income and/or money market instruments. A flexible allocation enables the fund to reduce capital fluctuations while identifying the best investment opportunities. Carmignac Emerging Patrimoine is a sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV Carmignac Portfolio.

Carmignac Euro-Patrimoine is a diversified fund with a minimum of 75% of its assets invested in European equities and a maximum of 25% in fixed income products. The Fund's equity exposure may vary from 0% to 50% thanks to the sale of index futures.

3 performance drivers

Long positions
Derivatives strategies (equity indexes)

Long positions
Short positions
Derivatives strategies (equity indexes)
Bonds and Currencies
Fund managers

Edouard CarmignacÉdouard

Rose OuabhaRose

Simon PickardSimon

Charles ZérahCharles

Frédéric LerouxFrédéric

François-Joseph FURRYFrançois-Joseph

Characteristics French Mutual Fund Sub-fund of a Luxembourg SICAV
Carmignac Portfolio
French Mutual Fund
ISIN A EUR acc : FR0010135103
ISIN E EUR acc : FR0010306142
ISIN D EUR acc : FR0011269588
ISIN A CHF acc : FR0011269596
ISIN A USD acc : FR0011269067
ISIN A EUR acc : LU0592698954
ISIN E EUR acc : LU0592699093
ISIN D EUR acc : LU0807690911
ISIN A CHF acc : LU0807690838
ISIN A USD acc : LU0592699259
ISIN A EUR acc : FR0010149179
ISIN D EUR acc : FR0011269406
ISIN A CHF acc : FR0011269547
ISIN A USD acc : FR0011269158
Recommended minimum investment horizon 3 Recommended minimum investment horizon 5 Recommended minimum investment horizon 3
Risk Scale
Risk Scale
Risk Scale
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